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Aquarium needs to be cleaned before anything else (trout are very sensitive on any chemicals or impurities in the water). If your aquarium was used before for salt or clear water clean it. I use salt (yes salt) to rub down the glass and corners of the aquarium. Let it sit for an hour and than wash it down with clean water.

Next cut the crate to fit inside your aquarium, make it tight fit so your crate is supporting on the aluminum cover on bottom. Wash the crate down before u install it.

With crate installed you can pour some water inside to put rocks in. Water will help you to work with the sand and rocks, use the smaller grade sand first than put the bigger rock. In the back I installed the chillers cooling body and I use it to build wall from rock. Rocks are leaning on the cooler body (don't use any glue or silicon). This is tricky part and water will help a lot ,if you do this under water it will be much easier.


Than I installed the water pump (mine is in the left back corner at 45 degrees) and the filter. You can test the water movement in the curing phase to find out what is the best position for your pump and filter .Water is circulating in 2/3 of my aquarium and stuff  (debris) is settling in one corner (this where your filter comes in). Also is very difficult to clean your rocky bottom so I suggest u get the Cray fish (this is the best cleaner I have used to clean the rocky bottom). Water needs to be changed and cured before you can put fish inside. For curing I used the Prime from Seachem. Make sure that your filter is NOT working while the water is conditioned (for obvious reasons) but if you run the water pump it will speed up the process. Fish transport is best done in portable cooler with some ice on top of the water make sure that there is the ice in the water all the way home. Do not put fish on the aquarium without inserting the ice in the water first let it sit for half hour and than you can introduce the fish. Ease on lights for first couple of days, feed the fish couple times per day first than only once or twice per day. Water change is done every two weeks only 20 % of the water at the time.You can e-mail me at akazazic@hitech-solutions.com  if you have more questions, at this time this is the material that i had time for i will update site with more information later.


Here is the list of components that u will need


Water Pump - Aqua Clear 301 Power Head  


Circulating pump is must in Trout aquarium, provides water oxygenation and natural like movement of water. 174 gph for aquariums up to 30 gallons. Max. water flow (with air) 540. Max. water flow (without air) 660. Max. water column 120.

Filter - Emperor 400  

  The Emperor delivers over 400 gph. Why?

Trout like it clean and oxygenated. No other power filter comes close to providing the biological filtration capacity of the Emperor.

Air Pump - Aqua Culture       Hmm... ?

Never run out of Oxygen


Egg Crate -       Bottom of the aquarium is covered with egg crate to disperse the weight, and support.  
Rock       Provide natural hiding places and solve some territorial disputes by providing shelter for all trout. Brown trout are very territorial and they will fight others so if you want to have peace in your aquarium provide holes, tunnels and a lot places to hide.  
35 Gallon Aquarium       Is minimum if you think to keep trout.  
Light - Fluorescent       Light is the mass, get rid of some algae and helps dead bodies resolve.  


To keep your tank cool please select some place that is cold (like basement) and NOT in direct sunlight


Please run you tank for a while with minnows before u put trout inside.Variable pump will allow you to speed up flow for warmer and slow the flow for colder watter


Adnan Kazazic - HiTech Solutions